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Eastern Birds

Another beautiful day at Eastern Island today. My team went in and knocked out sector 4 in half a day even while we were running out of paint. No paint is a very bad thing. Without paint, you have no idea where you have been and what you have counted. We scrounged up enough to get our job done. It was a good counting day. 


Real Short Tailed Albatross center right of the decoys.

After lunch at the beach, we went down to sector 6 to sneak a peek at the nesting Short Tailed Albatross. Another team had counted around her earlier in the morning and she was a little stressed. When we got down there, she had her head up just long enough for us to find her and then she tucked her bill back into her wing and disappeared into a sea of albatrosses. At least she was a little more relaxed while we were there.


Juvenile Frigatebird


Female Frigatebird in snag.


Laysan Ducks


Mystery duck. Looks like a mallard, but not quite. Might be a hybrid. I’ll let you know if the mystery gets solved.




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