Home Again

ImageI’m home and it still feels weird. There is something so magical about Midway and it is hard to come back.

The Short Tailed Albatross chick hatched 2 days after we left. This is the third chick that has hatched outside of Japan. This pair are very good parents and I’m sure if all goes well at sea, they will fledge another healthy chick. Take a look at the FWS website for video and pictures.



Bachelor Short Tailed Albatross who sits by the runway waiting for his true love to come.

Thought I would share some of my favorite pictures. The albatross nest count and Midway hold a great place in my heart. I hope to return again many times. Met some wonderful people this year and renewed old friendships with other. It is just MAGICAL.


Black foot telling me where to go.


David’s first large glass ball. He was ecstatic.

Bettina with her big find.

Bettina with her big find.

Bob and the girls

Bob and the girls
Me, Char, Bob, Gunilla, and Betty.

Gunilla's hat

Gunilla from Sweden. She left this hat and found it in the volunteer clothing.

Water take off.

Water take off.

Buoy Boy

Buoy Boy

Sector called "Where's Waldo?"

Sector called “Where’s Waldo?”


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3 responses to “Home Again

  1. Lou Knight

    Finally I got this to work. I enjoyed the pictures and hope the other pictures come through. You are a really good photographer!

  2. Lou Knight

    As I said before the pictures are wonderful. It is great to have a passion in life. Many people never have one, but you have been lucky to find the birds. Love you.

  3. Lane

    Aloha Marilou! I am very late reading your blog. Sorry. It was amazing and you are a great journalist. My favorite picture was of turtle beach I have never seen that many together even in zoos. Thanks for taking the time to share your adventure. 🙂

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