There is always something to do here on Midway. Today was plant bunch grass day. Bunch grass is a native plant that is out planted to provide shelter, shade, and nesting material for the birds. It also acts as a seed barrier to prevent invasives from spreading. By planting bunch grass at road edges, it helps to hold blowing seeds out of the path of bicycles and golf carts therefore not allowing the seeds to be transferred to other areas of the island.


Greg Schubert of Fish and Wildlife Services shows team how to plant grass.

During the past year the old dangerous Marine barracks were torn down and removed and soil and sand brought in to fill the area out.  Before we started it was a very large, white, open sandy spot with very few birds nesting on it. The birds that did nest in the area are previous nesters who had found spots around the buildings. It could take several years before new nesters discover the spot. And when they do, they will have grass for nesting material.


Bunch grass shoots.


780 pots of shoots were planted in just a few hours.


Mature Bunch Grass


Nest lined with Bunch Grass.


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  1. Lou Knight

    I am always amazed at the pictures of people working and walking around the birds and they just seem to ignore the people.

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