Joy Ride

Our last Sunday and we have the whole day off. I slept late and wandered up to breakfast early so I could enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch. It was a perfect day, warm and just light breezes. Sunday is brunch day so there is both breakfast and lunch foods. Pot stickers were the highlight for me. 

After brunch, Betty, Char, Gunilla, and I went for a long ride out to see the short tailed albatross who sits by the runway. We sort of took a wrong turn so we had to go all the way to the end of the runway to be able to get to the side with the short tail. Turned out to be a very nice ride. Not much head wind so the pedaling was easy. Stopped to check out the beach where the WWII pillbox is. It is a small concrete box that young soldiers would watch for approaching enemy day and night. Storms and the ocean are gradually claiming it.


World War II pillbox


Incoming formation


Man-of-war jelly fish on beach near the pillbox.


Mr. Handsome

After a second go at the pot stickers, I rode down to turtle beach. The turtles were taking advantage of the beautiful day too. There were 24 turtles resting in the sun.


Turtle Beach


Turtle by old seaplane ramp

The highlight of the day was a cruise in the lagoon. Richard took 10 of us for the “Joy Ride.” First off he made sure everyone in the bow got soaked. I made the mistake of sitting up there. It was fun, sort of like being on a theme park water ride. Then we turned back and started looking for dolphins. No luck today. Instead, we visited a couple of rafts of albatross. A raft is a group of birds all sitting together on the water. You just don’t see this very often from shore. A number of them were bathing which was amazing to watch. Some even flipped entirely over on their backs with their wings stretched out, bellies up and webbed feet up in the air.


A raft of albatross.


Big bird bath.


Bird breach.


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3 responses to “Joy Ride

  1. Lou Knight

    Love the pictures, especially the one of the turtles with the sky and birds above!

  2. They flip over! Wow! Never would have thought that.

  3. I have never heard about “rafting” and flipping over onto their backs. I enjoy learning new things about the albatrosses, so I have loved reading your blog!

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