Fun Friday

Our team has really come together nicely in the last few days. We got our Gunilla back today. She had gone to work with the burrows specialist team for about 3 days. Yesterday, team leader Jill said that if she did her job right she could disappear and we would continue to work like a well oiled machine. Well, this morning Char and Betty and myself did just that. We followed another team out to sector 9 and the 3 of us started work on our portion of the sector without Jill. We were probably 2/3s done with the sector before Jill could join us. We had fun just the 3 of us moving through the sector and knocking it out. We were also joined by the white terns. They love to fly around your head and look at you like “What are you doing?”


Team leaders: L-R Jill, Richard, Jenny, Martha, Breck

This afternoon we went down to what is know as Frigate Point, the most western point of the island. We counted the open area of sector 1 before everyone goes crashing through the naupaka in search of nest tomorrow. As an early explanation of what tomorrow will be like, we walked some of the paths that have been cut to make sector 1 a little less confusing. These path lead to the beach area which also must be checked for nest. This is a beautiful beach area that the birds just love to glide down. Tomorrow will be a good day regardless of how hard the work is.


Frigate Point

On our way home we went by the bachelor Short Tailed Albatross. Today he was on other side of the road from where I normally see him and he was dancing for a Black Foot. Jill tells us that sometimes he will harass a Black Foot until it gets off its nest. Then the Short Tail will incubate until he gets bored and leaves. Luckily the Black Foot never confuses this big yellow headed bird for its mate and therefore he returns to incubating as soon as the intruder leaves.


Short Tailed Albatross

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