The Mother of All Sectors, #4


Nesting under verbesina.

It was a beautiful morning and it actually got hot and muggy before lunch. We took the “B” part of sector 4. All 3 teams went in and attacked this sector today. In the past a single team has said they would take it on but it is such a moral killer when you have been in there for 3 days and you still aren’t done. The area is full of verbesina (dead and woody), a tree bush I know of as Autograph tree (big round firm leaves), Naupaka, and wedge tailed shearwater burrow. This is not a fun combination. You end up crawling under and over and out of all this stuff. I pretend to be a linebacker and just push my way through the verbesina when I can and pray I don’t go into a burrow in the process. I went into one burrow half way up my thigh today. For a moment I was unsure I would be able to get out. It’s quite an odd feeling.


More verbesina and naupaka to the right.


Sector 4 is the biggest sector. Sector 50 is all airstrip and it doesn’t have any of the pitfalls of sector 4. Birds do nest along some of the edges.

We have Bingo for money tonight and a toast at midnight. We will be the last to say goodbye to 2013 and hello 2014. So Happy New Year to you all.


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