Midway’s Green Mother

Our sector today is known as Avionyx. It is surrounded by airstrip on two sides and roads on the other 2 sides. In the middle at the runway side is the new fire house with all the modern gizmos along with air traffic control. After finishing the sector, we visited the firemen, Dave and Keith, and the air controller, Tim. A real nice bunch of guys and they seemed happy to show off the workstations. Tim showed us all his computers that tell him about weather and his touch screen light controls. They work on Zulu time or GMT which is actually 11 hours ahead of Midway time.             


Green Mother

Fireman Dave very proudly showed us their fire engine, Green Mother. She has 500 horse power and 800 pounds of torque. She carries 1500 gallons of water and 200 gallons of foam. They have every piece of equipment a fireman could want on board and there are even extra oxygen tanks in the dead spaces. No area goes to waste. One of the coolest parts of the truck is how well it has been designed for ease of care. All of the filters are in one place so you don’t have to crawl around up under her to do the work. Both Dave and Keith have 15 years of experience in fire fighting and have been here on Midway for nearly 4 years. 


Dave with airplane axe.

Firefighters helped to design the axe that is now used to cut open planes. A regular axe would just go all the way through and get stuck. This axe works like a can opener and had stops on its sides to keep the blade from going all the way through the skin of the plane. 

These firefighters have to be ready to handle any kind of fire from a structure fire to an airplane fire or fuel spill. Every bit of water, foam, or dry material used must be cleaned up completely. All debris from an airplane accident must also be left in place until the scene have been fully investigated. These 2 guys have quite a job on their hands.


Airplane axe


Water or foam can be sprayed from these nozzles and completely controlled from a joystick inside the cab.

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  1. beckyofkauai

    About how many non-scheduled flights come in to midway in a year? How many fires have been on Midway in the last year? Planes? Buildings? I’m thinking not many … these guys must play a lot of solitaire and shine up Green Mother every other day. 😋

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