Eastern is Done :(


Eastern Island with service roads.

 It was a beautiful sunny day today. We had the morning off and some people went swimming, others walked  the beach, and others wandered the island just enjoying being here. After lunch some went to Eastern and mainly new people went to Spit. We had intentionally left some of Eastern uncounted the other day so we could go back. It is bird heaven on Eastern. There are only a couple of tiny buildings and mother nature is quickly covering the old airstrips. 


Breck up on the highest point on Eastern.

The remainder of sector 10 on Eastern was fun and pretty easy to do. Probably didn’t take more than an hour to actually count. Afterwards we had time to wander and take photos. There is a mound of who knows what in the middle of Eastern and I climbed up there to get these vast area shots. Breck Tyler had the idea first so I joined him.

So today we finished Eastern and Spit. Out of 61 total sectors we have finish 35 in 9 days with 2 of them being half days. The first half day was orientation and training day the second was today. Half days in the middle of the count are a great blessing for 2 reasons. The first reason is that you get some extra rest and a mental break. The second reason is that you know that you are doing well in the progress of the count. To finish off my day, I went bowling with 4 other counters. The lanes a warped and the pins are dead but we still had lots of fun. We’ll probably go again next Sunday.


Eastern Sky Moo, one of the many dance moves an albatross must learn.


Yellow means it is DONE.


Female sea turtle basking on the beach right by Eastern’s pier.


Waiting for our ride home to Sand Island.


Goodbye Eastern. Hope we meet again.


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2 responses to “Eastern is Done :(

  1. beckyofkauai

    More great shots! The one of the turtle, beach, and sea is spectacular.

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