My Christmas Day Birding

After the great party last night, I thought I would sleep in. And I did until 6:30. Woke up and it was breakfast time so I decided to go eat. We do a lot of that around here. The grand Christmas feast started at 11:30 and we all eat until we are stuffed and then make plates for dinner. I haven’t eaten this much in months. Thank goodness we go back to a little bit more normal eating schedule tomorrow. The Clipper House starts to have this Pavlovian effect on you. I started walking over for Christmas dinner thinking I wasn’t hungry and then as I started to step up to the porch, I’m suddenly starved.


Short Tailed Albatross 12/25/2013

After breakfast, I went to Rusty Bucket. It’s the western end of North Beach. It’s one of the prettiest places on the island to me. Of course I saw lots of albatross and I saw Midway Canaries, Bristle Thighed Curlew, and Black Noddies. After the feast, I rode down to the airstrip and saw the young Short Tailed Albatross. He’s probably around 20 years old now. Almost all of his dark neck juvenal plumage is gone. In the photo to the right, the black footed albie and the Laysan albie in the fore ground are in the same plane. The black foot by the short tailed gives you and idea of how much bigger the short tails are. You can see just a touch of darkness still at the base of his neck. That will probably be gone next year. And yes that is a pink bill with a blue tip.


Short Tailed Albatross 12/25/2010


Location, location, location


Incubation exchange. It can take a while for the incoming bird to convince the incubating bird that it is time to switch. There always seems to be a bit of a conversation over the job.


This little canary may soon be considered a subspecies of the canary family. They were released on the island by someone who was here during the Navy era.


Bristled Thighed Curlew


Laysan Albatross at Rusty Bucket


Take off


2013 Christmas Stocking

It has become a tradition to decorate our doors for Christmas. This year, we got here so late that I didn’t have time to go beach combing for marine debris until today. And look what I found, a Christmas stocking. It’s always fun to do these kinds of things.



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3 responses to “My Christmas Day Birding

  1. beckyofkauai

    Great stocking! Even comes complete with a shoe. I really love seeing your photos and reading your descriptions. The Short Tail Albie, then and now, I’m figuring is the same bird. Yes?

    • Yes, that is the very same Black Footed Albatross that was there 3 years ago. He is waiting for his princess to come. Maybe she will show up soon. The guy on Eastern waited 10 years.

  2. I love all of the photos, but my favorite is the Take Off. I can almost see those feet moving!

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